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Adjusting Weir


One of the most accurate ways of maintaining water levels between two bodies of water is through the use of a weir gate. Weir gates are an unusual but very helpful option for certain types of flow control.
The functional of weir gate is to control the upstream water level, and/or pace the amount of discharge from a water system. The weir gate allows accurate of upstream water levels by means of a gate plate, which can be rotated through a 90 degree axis located into the base frame of the gate. The gate plate rotates on a horizontal axis, much like a common window blind.
The main feature that sets them apart from sluice gates is that they may be opened downwards or in angles, as the main purpose is controlling the water level, as opposed to sluices gates that usually open upwards.
A weir gate requires that the water spill over the top of the gate rather than pass under or around. Deflection is an important consideration when designing and installing these gates. Weir gates are surface mounted, and must have enough room below the channel invert to allow the gate to be fully lowered. The gate is considered full-open when it reaches its lowest point of travel. The operator, mounted above the water channel, which moves the gate disc to either the horizontal position (to let water flow through) or to a vertical position (to stop the water from flowing).
The gates are manufactured from Stainless Steel 316L. ToolGostar weir gate can be totally self-contained and include fully automated electric motor operation.

Our extensive experience with product development and field experience with water and sewage control gates enables us to offer quality products at competitive prices.











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